Plastics Technology PUR(e)

Polyurethane processing tailor made

Welcome to the website of asma GmbH. Follow us into the wonderful world of polyurethane elastomers, we want to present you the variaty and possibilities of these plastic materials in processing or application. Casted or sprayed, machined, from single pieces to series, from gel-like to tough-hard. Common basis is always a material with outstanding mechanical properties: polyurethane – or short: PUR

Wheels and rollers

Coating of wheels and rollers with highly wear resistant polyurethane (see also “materials”) Coating of rollers up to 1 meter diameter and lengths of 4 meter. Unit weights from 1 gram to 3 tons, in lots from 1 piece to 1 million Coatings chemically bonded to metal and plastics like glass fibre, carbon, PA, POM, PUR, rubber Assembled components, complete wheels including ball bearings, shafts according to customers design and requirements.


Moulded parts

With our flexible processing system we are able to handle batch sizes from 1 piece to several 100.000. Some examples in the following:
You do not find, what you are searching for? Then please do not hesitate contacting our specialists at asma, together we will develop something appropriate.


Technical coatings

Wear resistant coatings in trays, gutters, containers, conveyors etc. with spray processing also on the place with mobile machinery


Plastics Technology PUR

Informations about asma, the products, processing possibilities, about polyurethane elastomers in general and its applications.


Rollers and Wheels

Wear-resistant coatings with polyurethane, on wheels and rollers, for industrial applications, from 1 gram to 3 tons per piece.

Moulded Parts

Technical products from polyurethane, with high load capability, tailor mad for your application, casted in moulds or machined, from one single piece to series production

Technical Coatings

Abrasion resistant coatings for industrial applications in machines and plants, chemically bonded and casted or spryed onto metal surfaces.